Love Collection

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Love Collection 
The Love Collection celebrates love for all, at any time. Love for yourself and your neighbors. Love for your family and family of friends. Love for your lover.

This collection was inspired by the idea of unity and embracing all cultures, colors, and ideas - even the ones we may disagree with personally. The designs have Mexican, Scandinavian, and North American influences.

The Collection contains 6 unique designs: 3 small blank cards + 2 larger blank cards + 1 postcard. (Details below.)

Designer's Notes
Every order comes with individual designer's notes for each card. 

Take a moment today to put pen to paper and connect with someone in your life.

Product details

  • 5 pack of assorted blank folded cards + 1 postcard
  • (large 2x) 4.25" x 5.5" folded cards | (small 3x) 3.5" x 5" folded cards | (1x) 4" x 6" postcard
  • White linen envelopes included
  • Designer's Notes printed on the back of the card
  • 17 pt. thick, uncoated cardstock
  • A premium paper feel and writing surface
  • Sustainably sourced paper | Made in the USA