June 04, 2021

An Ode to the Spectrum

By Julie Dery
An Ode to the Spectrum
In honor of gay pride month, we want to reflect back to the inspiration for our OG Spectrum Collection: the rainbow.

The rainbow symbolizes diversity visually through colors, but also beauty, connection, fortune and prosperity. Comprised of 7 colors (remember ROYGBIV?), rainbows are totally unique to the eye of the beholder.

Other lesser known facts:

🌈 A rainbow appears as a circle if viewed from the sky
🌈 Earth is the only planet with this phenomenon
🌈 The average rainbow can be viewed for one hour
🌈 The longest observed rainbow lasted for nine

What an awesome muse! In the Spectrum Collection, our abstracted rainbow designs can be flipped, separated, enmeshed, seen as a smile or frown, put on its head, made tiny or large—all the while their relationship remains connected in some unique way.

So today, grad a card, put pen to paper, and, most of all, celebrate the spectrum.