January 08, 2021


By Julie Dery

Siri, Alexa, text threads, DM's, and voice recordings - are there truly safe ways to share our innermost thoughts in the modern world?

Frank Warren's project, PostSecret, encouraged strangers to share their deepest secrets, anonymously, via postcard. These secrets were to be displayed in books, galleries, and all over the internet. So why did so many people share their deepest confidences with the world? Because letters are anonymous, and because they could recognize themselves in the secrets shared by others.

In an interview with NPR (listen here), Warren says the postcards take him on a journey 'beneath the surface that really shows us how frail and heroic our everyday lives really are, although they often go unseen."

Letter writing might just be a secret's sacred ground.

So for this week's Thank You Friday, consider going incognito with an anonymous note or postcard. Share a feeling (love, grief, sorrow, appreciation, concern). If you don't have anyone to share it with, might we recommend...  


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