January 01, 2021

New Year, New Letter Writing Routine

By Julie Dery
New Year, New Letter Writing Routine

Resolutions are so 2020.

But intentions? Now that's the an idea we're ready to get behind in 2021. This year, we're committed to cultivating a culture of authentic, non-digital connection. Why?

For the writer:

  • It's a good way to self reflect
  • It promotes mindfulness
  • It's more unique than an email or text
  • It's refreshing moment in a world of instant gratification
  • It's fun
For the reciever:
  • It makes people happy
  • It promotes a feeling of belonging
  • It inspires further letter writing
  • It's okay for no response needed in follow-up culture
  • It's something tangible they can keep
  • It's always fun seeing someone's handwriting in the mix of bills
So how about this. Try writing a letter every week on Friday. Don't worry, we'll remind (or rather inspire) you. Just think, if you write a letter a week, that's 52 by the end of the year. You can do it!