April 16, 2021

Honoring Mother Nature

By Julie Dery
Honoring Mother Nature

Love Thy Mother

Next week is Earth Day...and as such, we're paying homage to Mother Nature. It might seem counterintuitive to the notion of sustainability to send a cards versus a digital exchange. We get that. But we believe there is beauty in honoring materials, practicing moderation, and cherishing cards as keepsakes.


A few ways you can help make our cards Earth friendly:


Our cards are one-of-a-kind artwork printed on beautiful, high-quality paper. Put them in a frame and enjoy the easy wall art.



Our cards are an antidote to our instant-gratification/disposable culture. We bet you don’t throw away a beautifully written card you’ve received from a friend or loved one, right? How refreshing.


A few of our sustainability initiatives:


  • We use eco-friendly materials at every turn
  • Our clear bags are made of recyclable and reusable BOPP material
  • Our cards are printed on paper from sustainable sources, 10% PCW recycled content
  • Mailers come from 100% recycled natural paper (recycled Paper Fibers: 75% / post-consumer: 62%)



  • We believe less is more.
  • We believe authentic connection through cards promotes mindfulness, which in turn helps us be mindful about our impact in other areas.
  • We're obsessive recyclers and re-users.