March 26, 2021

Current Mood: Start With Yes

By Julie Dery
Current Mood: Start With Yes

Designers at heart, we're always gathering inspiration from the world around us.

As we move out of an unusually long, isolated, winter of uncertainty, we're fully inspired by a spirit of forward momentum, optimism, and, of course, connection.

We're going for the bold, trying new things and unexpected combinations. At the same time, we're leaning into (and doing more of) the things that make us feel warm and fuzzy. It's a balance of acknowledging the things that bring you joy, and shaking up the rest.

So for this Thank You Friday, we challenge you to Start With Yes. Here are just a few ideas.

  • Send an old friend a note just for the heck of it? Yes.

  • Try a new walking route home? Yes.

  • Finally experiment with that cookbook collection? Yes.

  • Take that road trip you've always dreamed of. Yes.

  • Pick up that musical instrument you've always wished you could play? Yes.